1. Contact Dallas Extreme
Your audio/video dreams start with a simple phone call to Dallas Extreme. Our knowledgeable team of designers and installers will answer all your questions and provide you with the information you need to get started.

2. Job Site Consultation
Whether you are building a new home or adding a media room to an existing one it’s important that a Dallas Extreme representative conduct a walk through of the designated area in order to better understand your needs and ascertain additional design options that will be made available to you in Step #3.

3. Tour Dallas Extreme Client Houses
At Dallas Extreme there’s only one form of advertising that’s more effective than our clients’ praise… our clents’ homes. With advance notice we can arrange to tour existing Dallas Extreme clients’ homes that have similar designs, dimensional requirements, and bugets.

4. Options/Design Phase
The information gathered in Steps 2 and 3 will be used by our Architecture team to design the perfect space while working within your stated budget. Concept drawings will be printed for your review.

5. Design & Bid Review
During this phase the customer will have the opportunity to review the design plans and drawings in detail and make revisions/enhancements as desired. In addition, Dallas Extreme will provide a detailed quote to the customer based on their design choices and in line with their budget.

6. Installation & Customer Instruction
From pre-wire & delivery to installation & calibration our service technicians are dedicated to providing you with superior customer service. Following installation Dallas Extreme offers unlimited customer instruction designed to exceed your expectations.